FSDC Global is a UK/USA based independently owned business (established in 2001) specialising in the design, manufacturer and installation of custom made, energy efficient quality door and window products.


FSDC Global Offer Custom Glazing Solutions To Home Owners, Home Improvers, Self-Builders, Architects And Developers.

Establishment and Innovation

Since its inception in December 2019, FSDC Global has been a trailblazer in the industry. Stemming from the merger of its European and North American entities, the company brings together a rich legacy dating back to 2001. Notably, in 2019, FSDC Global introduced the groundbreaking ‘GlassIIEdge’ system, revolutionizing the market with its innovative design.

Transformation and Expansion

In 2024, FSDC Global underwent significant transformations, ushering in a new era of growth and expansion. Through a collaboration with Rhinotrusion Performance Profiles in the USA, the company diversified its offerings to include the Rhinotrusion door and window systems. This strategic partnership integrated cutting-edge manufacturing processes into FSDC Global’s product range, bolstering its competitive position.

Innovation Leadership

Throughout its journey, FSDC Global has maintained leadership in innovation. From pioneering uPVC/Vinyl inline folding sliding doors in the UK market in 2003 to spearheading the global market with flush glazed folding sliding doors, the company has consistently pushed technological boundaries.

Milestone Achievement

A significant milestone in FSDC Global’s trajectory was the unveiling of the ‘GlassIIEdge’ system at the NAHB International Builders Show 2020 in Las Vegas. This event marked the culmination of extensive research and development, showcasing a patented bifold door solution and a suite of door and window products featuring the revolutionary Glass2Edge technology. Now available worldwide, this achievement underscores FSDC Global’s dedication to innovation and excellence.

Crafting Bespoke Exterior Doors and Windows

FSDC Global specializes in creating, producing, and globally distributing custom exterior doors and windows. Our range includes bifold patio doors, French doors, sliding doors, and more.

Global Reach and Network

Spanning continents and cultures, our products traverse Europe, North America, and beyond. Supported by a vast network of manufacturing sites, showrooms, and distributors worldwide, we ensure accessibility and availability wherever you are.

Dedicated Team

At FSDC Global, our most valuable asset is our people. From manufacturing to customer service, our team is handpicked for their expertise and unwavering dedication. We invest in their growth, nurturing skills and fostering a culture of excellence at every level.

Customer Commitment

Above all, our focus remains steadfastly on you, the customer. Each innovation and design is meticulously crafted to elevate your lifestyle experiences. From concept to creation, we prioritize your satisfaction, ensuring that every product reflects our commitment to quality and customer-centricity.

Lead Times
10 Year

A Global Supplier

FSDC Global designs, manufactures and distributes custom made external door and window products (bi-fold patio doors, patio doors, french doors, sliding doors, stacking doors, corner doors, casement windows and bar-top windows) throughout Europe, North America and the rest of the world.



Above all FSDC Global recognises and appreciates its biggest asset – the people who make it all happen. People chosen for their expertise, dedication and experience within the field, and with continual training, support and development to keep them and us at the forefront of our vocation.

Design & Manufacture

Our experienced designers collaborate to conceptualize and craft components that meet industry standards and innovation. We convert industry challenges into practical, effective solutions.


We are pioneers in the innovation of door and window systems, relentlessly pursuing excellence. Our mission is to constantly advance the frontiers of design, functionality, and longevity.


Our creations are not just products; they are exquisite works of engineering, tailored to the ever-changing requirements of the fenestraion industry.

Environmental Commitment

We are committed to helping the environment where we can through continuous improvements.

FSDC Global are continually looking for cleaner and greener ways of working, improving our environmental credentials, reducing the environmental impact of our products and helping to safeguard the planet in the process.

Product Initiative

In our product development process, we prioritize energy efficiency by conducting an in-depth analysis of each product’s potential to reduce energy consumption. This commitment to sustainability not only leads to significant savings on heating and cooling expenses for our customers but also contributes to a broader initiative of energy conservation. By minimizing energy usage, we’re able to lessen our ecological impact

Product Thermal Ratings

We provide comprehensive thermal ratings for our doors and windows, accounting for the entire assembly — including both the frame material and the center pane glass. This approach avoids the common pitfall of only considering the center pane value, which can be deceptive. Consequently, consumers receive an accurate representation, empowering them to make well-informed choices regarding our products.


FSDC Global is dedicated to achieving a zero-landfill objective, consistently striving to minimize waste production across all business operations. Our commitment extends to comprehensive recycling programs for both aluminum and PVCu/vinyl materials. Additionally, we convert wood waste into briquettes right at our facility, which are then utilized as a sustainable heating source for our factory.

Wood Products

FSDC Global is committed to environmental stewardship, utilizing only hardwood sourced from eco-friendly forests for the production of our wooden doors and windows. Our materials are accredited by the Malaysian Timber Certification Council, ensuring each product originates from sustainably managed forests and is accompanied by chain of custody certification, confirming our dedication to sustainability at every step.