FSDC Global offers custom-made, GFRC thermally insulated sliding doors for residential and commercial use. These doors provide a sleek look, maximize natural light, and come in various materials and configurations to suit any design need. They’re energy-efficient, secure, and available with a range of customization options, all backed by a 10-year warranty.

Efficient Elegance

Our sliding doors are celebrated for their contemporary styling and exceptional thermal performance, making them a robust choice for any application.

FSDC Global’s high-performance sliding doors are the epitome of design and efficiency, tailored for both residential and commercial settings. These doors are not just access points but are crafted to enhance living spaces with their expansive panels that provide unobstructed views and maximize natural light. The absence of stacking requirements allows for a cleaner aesthetic and more usable space.

Our sliding doors are celebrated for their contemporary styling and exceptional thermal performance, making them a robust choice for any application. They are designed with strength and security in mind, featuring weather-resistant tracks and an extended polyamide thermal break within the main sections. This meticulous design enables our doors to achieve an impressive U-Value of 1.1-1.3 w/m2k / 0.19-0.23 Btu/h·ft²·°F with 24mm double glass, signifying superior insulation and energy efficiency.



We offer custom-made sliding doors tailored to your specifications, all thermally insulated for maximum efficiency. Choose from a variety of materials including aluminium, aluminium & wood, wood, PVCu/vinyl, and our sleek flush glazed GlassIIedge™ range..

Numerous Applications

Our sliding doors exude contemporary styling and offer superb thermal performance and are particularly robust, which is synonymous with the system! Equally suited for use in either residential or commercial applications, from state of the art modern living to large aperture openings required for commercial applications / access.


○ Standard Sliding Door Range, with 2 panels for smaller openings.
○ Multi or Pocket Sliding Door Range, with 1 or more panels.
○ Bi-Parting Sliding Door Range, with 4 or more panels, opening from the center.
○ Corner Sliding Door Range, with multiple panels opening from a corner, with no corner post.

Thermal Efficiency

Each of our systems undergoes thermal simulation to accurately assess its thermal performance, empowering you to select the ideal option for your property. This ensures not only comfort but also cost savings on your fuel bills.

Opening configurations

Sliding configurations range from a single sliding panel into a pocket to 4+ sliding panels with 2 fixed panels using either double triple or quadruple track options. Multiple tracks offer multiple panel stacking options.

Lead Times
10 Year

Trustworthy, Top-notch Doors! It’s rare to find a company as reliable as this one! Their doors are top quality, service is speedy, and surprisingly affordable too. Highly recommend!

Mr Huber, .

Excellent products and workmanship. 3rd set of doors at current property and would use again.

Mr Chesover, .

Very pleased with the service. Quality of work 10/10. Courtesy of the Contractor 10/10. Timeliness 10/10. Value for Money 10/10.

Mr Brown, .

I have used FSDC for about 6 years and have nothing but positive things to say about their sales, customer service and install teams. I had 1 slight issue a few years ago which was accidental and I understood these things happen but even with that being said they still went above and beyond to make sure the issue was sorted quick. I’ve worked in this industry for years now and have tried so many companies out there but I just wouldn’t go anywhere else anymore. My customers are always chuffed with the results and the products. I would highly recommend this company.

Mr Hodges, .

Delivery driver was absolutely awesome, and installation team were quick, efficient and friendly! Mostly great dealings with the office team too except an unfortunate ambiguity over a late surprise price change. Overall very happy indeed with the doors themselves and the internal blinds are top class!

Mr Hughes, .

Since 5 years passed of our Folding Sliding Doors being installed, this is a real and honest feedback for this company. First of all, it’s a great product. Next, we are extremely happy with their customer service team, esp. Nathan. They respond very quickly once requested. They also put extra care and time every time when servicing our patio doors (which happens on a regular basis). Highly recommended. 5 stars.

Jessie, .

Purchased my two sets of bi-fold doors about 12 years ago they have been great ever since just had our third service call and as always the guys were great, replaced all the rubbers, handles etc, last time we had a couple of additions as they had moved on this time was the same we got all the improvements they had made to the sets they are fitting today, great job by two great guys, a credit to FSDC Global, once again we have two new looking sets of doors, Many thanks.

Unit Computer Parts & Repairs, .

Premium sliding doors engineered for both residential and commercial use, delivering exceptional performance in any setting.

Our Multi-stack doors are versatile, capable of accommodating 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 panels in either one or two directions, providing flexible configuration options to suit your needs.

All sliding doors are bespoke made to order

Our sliding doors, give you the freedom to customize every aspect to suit your preferences and requirements. You can specify:

Choose from options such as aluminum, wood, or a combination of both & more.
Decide on the number of panels and how they fold or slide, whether inward or outward, to best suit your space.
Select a design that complements your home’s architecture, whether modern, traditional, or somewhere in between.
Provide measurements to ensure a perfect fit for your opening, maximizing both aesthetics and functionality.
Colour/Dual Colour:
Opt for a single color or dual-color finish to match your interior and exterior decor.
Finishes & Coatings:
Customize the finish and coating options for durability and aesthetic appeal.
Glass & Glazing:
Choose the type of glass and glazing options based on your privacy, security, and energy efficiency needs.
Hardware & Colour:
Select the hardware style and color that align with your design preferences and complement the overall look.
Threshold Options:
Decide on the type of threshold, whether it’s a low-profile option for seamless transitions or a more substantial threshold for weather resistance.

Material Options

Aluminium Inside
Aluminium Outside
Hardwood Inside
Aluminium Outside
Hardwood Inside
Hardwood Outside
Aluminium Inside
GlassIIEdge™ Outside
Hardwood Inside
GlassIIEdge™ Outside

Aluminium Inside
Aluminium Outside

Hardwood Inside
Aluminium Outside

Hardwood Inside
Hardwood Outside