Professional products suitable for a wide range of uses; residential, commercial and public sectors.

Integrate the way you live

There are so many situations in which FSDC Global products can be the perfect solution to improving your living space and the environment around you.

Take our bi-fold doors, these break down barriers by creating wider openings and will surprise you with its wide range of applicational uses from domestic use to huge commercial installations.

Our sliding doors are just as flexible and create the perfect solution for both modern living and commercial applications such as restaurants and shop entrances.

Check out some of these inspirational applications below …

  • Auto Showrooms
  • Balconies
  • Bars
  • Commercial Use
  • Conservatories
  • Corners
  • Car Parking / Garages
  • Dining Areas
  • Education
  • Extensions
  • Health Care / Assisted Living
  • Home Office / Annex
  • Hotels
  • New Builds
  • Offices
  • Partitions
  • Patios
  • Recreation / Entertainment
  • Religious Institutions
  • Restaurants
  • Retail / Shops
  • Room Dividers
  • Sports Venues
  • Summer Rooms
  • Swimming Pools
  • Windows

Residential Applications

Garden Office

Make working from home a more enjoyable experience – create a fully opening corner with our bi-fold doors.


Bi-fold doors combined with balconies are a great way to start the day and enjoy the view.

Games Room

Lucky enough to have a games room? Bi-fold & sliding doors give a versatility to space and your home.


Bi-fold & Sliding doors seemlessly blend the inside with the outside living space.


Bi-fold windows are a great and functional way to blend inside and outside spaces.

Kitchen (Al fresco dining)

These internal corner set bi-fold doors create a courtyard effect, increasing usable kitchen space.

Vacation Homes

Bi-fold, sliding doors & windows and fixed lites installed within a luxury lodge.

Summer Rooms

Hardwood Gerogian style bi-fold doors, sliding doors, french doors and windows turn this summer house into a stunning house.

Home Extensions

Custom made, aluminium bi-fold doors, sliding doors and raked frames to a beautiful home extension.

Commercial Applications


Bronze 9ft bi-fold doors with fixed lites, all doors can be opened up to belnd both inside and outside spaces.

Store Fronts

Tall anodised aluminium bi-fold doors installed to the entrance of this US ice cream parlour.

Cabins Mobile Homes

Aluminium sliding doors fitted to a log cabin retreat/holiday home within a new complex.


Powder coated aluminium bi-fold doors finished in company corporate colours.

Restaurant & Bar

Powder coated aluminium bi-fold doors installed to many high street familar chains.

Public Area Building

Corner set of bifold doors installed in a garden room in a public area.


Open up classrooms fully! Allows great access to both the inside and outside classroom spaces.

Floating Homes

Unique projects, call for a bespoke approach – single and bi-fold doors installed along decked area.

Hotels/Swimming Pools

Aluminium bi-fold doors installed all along one wall to create one huge operational glass wall – great for when the weather gets warm!