GlassIIEdge™ & Aluminium

GlassIIEdge™ & Aluminium combines flush glazed, frameless glass (GlassIIEdge™) with aluminum, presenting an ultra-modern contemporary aesthetic. Characterized by clean lines and a sleek appearance, this system offers a sophisticated touch.

Moreover, its reversible design allows either profile to face internally or externally, providing versatility to complement existing styles, decor, and architecture, catering to even the most discerning customers.

Here are the impressive thermal specifications:

Triple glazed: U-value 0.9-1.1 w/m²K / U-Factor 0.15-0.19 Btu/h·ft²·°F

Double glazed: U-value 1.1-1.4 w/m²K / U-Factor 0.19-0.24 Btu/h·ft²·°F

These values represent the complete unit, not just the center pane.

In the evolving world of door and window design, the combination of innovative materials and aesthetics has led to significant advancements. A key innovation is the integration of flush-glazed, frameless glass with aluminum, creating a modern and sleek look. This design, featuring the revolutionary GlassIIEdge™, offers clean lines and a seamless appearance that attracts sophisticated homeowners, architects, and designers.

This blend of aluminum and GlassIIEdge™ results in a visually impressive and durable product. Aluminum, known for its strength and low maintenance, enhances the frameless glass, providing a minimalist and sturdy door and window solution that complements various architectural styles and improves any space’s atmosphere.

Moreover, this combination is thermally efficient due to the proprietary Winsul8 GFRC thermal break technology. This system reduces heat transfer and improves insulation, supporting energy savings and comfort.

Overall, the union of aluminum and GlassIIEdge™ glass introduces a visually appealing and high-performing door and window solution. With its smooth look and superior thermal efficiency from the Winsul8 GFRC technology, this system continues to be a popular choice for modern, sustainable building projects.