GlassIIEdge™ & Wood

GlassIIEdge™ & Wood presents a cutting-edge blend of thermally insulated flush glazed GlassIIEdge™ with hardwood timber, offering a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. This frameless glass system boasts clean lines and a smooth appearance, perfect for modern settings.

Here are the impressive thermal specifications:

Triple glazed: U-value 0.9-1.1 w/m²K / U-Factor 0.15-0.19 Btu/h·ft²·°F

Double glazed: U-value 1.1-1.4 w/m²K / U-Factor 0.19-0.24 Btu/h·ft²·°F

These values represent the complete unit, not just the center pane.

The door and window industry has recently merged materials and designs, creating innovative products. A notable example is the combination of frameless glass and wood, blending the natural appeal of wood with the modern look of glass. This fusion offers a harmonious blend of old and new aesthetics, appealing to various architectural tastes.

Introducing the Wood with GlassIIEdge™ system, which combines the charm of wood with the modernity of frameless glass. This combination enhances the aesthetic appeal of doors and windows while offering the practical benefits of wood, such as durability and insulation.

Moreover, the Wood with GlassIIEdge™ system is thermally efficient, featuring our proprietary Winsul8 GFRC thermal break technology. This technology uses advanced materials to minimize heat transfer, enhancing insulation and energy conservation, making it an attractive and efficient choice for any building.