Integral Blinds

Add a stylish finishing touch to your doors and windows with our integral blinds.

Don’t overlook or be overlooked! Complete your installation with integral blinds. Fitted internally within the glazed units meaning no collection of dirt or dented blinds.

Our Integral Blinds can be fitted into any of our products with 28mm glazed units (which is pretty much all of them!).

Various colours available, enquire for details.

  • Brand new thermally efficient double glazed units
  • Low-E, Argon filled glass
  • Custom made aluminium venetian integral blinds
  • Colours available: white, beige, light blue, yellow, green, cream, grey, silver, metallic silver and anthracite
  • A 10 Year Glass Seal Warranty will be issued on replacement of glazed units with integral blinds
  • Operational demonstration
  • All work undertaken by FSDC Global will carry a 12 month guarantee from date of completion

The Integral Blinds are sealed between glass panels, so the blinds stay clean and free of damage from kids, pets, and anything else that might come into contact with your door glass.

No dusting, no tangled or dangling cords, no crimping or denting and because they’re protected between glass they retain their ‘like new’ look over time and with repeated use.

A single operation lets you tilt the blinds and raise and lower them the entire length of the door glass, with only the slightest movement required. Even the control’s shape is made to naturally fit the fingertip.

An innovative design results in stacked blinds that take up the smallest of space at the top of the door glass when fully opened.