Aluminium & Hardwood Timber – Enhanced Traditional Charm and Natural Warmth with Engineered Hardwood Timber (Oak or Eucalyptus) System!

Not only does hardwood timber offer a timeless natural aesthetic, but it also serves as an excellent natural insulator, providing superior insulation properties.

Here are the impressive thermal specifications:

Triple glazed: U-value 0.9-1.1 w/m²K / U-Factor 0.15-0.19 Btu/h·ft²·°F

Double glazed: U-value 1.1-1.4 w/m²K / U-Factor 0.19-0.24 Btu/h·ft²·°F

These values represent the complete unit, not just the center pane.

Wood is a top choice for doors and windows due to its classic beauty and warmth. It fits well with traditional architecture and works in both indoor and outdoor applications. Wood is particularly valued for internal partitions, where it adds a natural touch and enhances the space.

Wood also excels in insulation, boosted by our exclusive Winsul8 GFRC thermal break technology. This system uses a thermally isolated structure with advanced glass fiber reinforced composite materials to significantly reduce heat transfer, improving the insulation of wooden doors and windows.

By integrating our Winsul8 GFRC technology, wooden doors and windows achieve outstanding thermal performance, conserve energy, and enhance comfort. Their attractive appearance combined with superior thermal efficiency makes them highly desirable in the market.

In summary, wood is an appealing and functional option for doors and windows, especially in interior partitions. With Winsul8 GFRC technology, these products offer both aesthetic appeal and top-notch thermal efficiency..